You wish to invest in projects combining economic and social efficiency?

Become a shareholder of SIDI!

By taking a stake in SIDI, you give it the means to support is partners in a sustainable, well-suited way, in the form of equity, loans or guarantees. The capital brought together by shareholders is indeed fully used to invest in partners, as each disinvestment is followed by other investments. As of end 2021, the capital amounted to 34 million euros thanks to the contribution of 2078 shareholders. By becoming a SIDI shareholder, you thus choose to directly involve in the financing of small entrepreneurs and farmers of Southern and Eastern countries. You will also be able to take part in the life of SIDI, through the Annual General Assemblies, and/or through the association of SIDI’s individual shareholders, Epargne Solidarité Développement (ESD – Saving Solidarity Development).

Theassociation of SIDI’s individual shareholders, Epargne Solidarité Développement gathers more than 1580 shareholders, who wish to guarantee SIDI’s social purpose. ESD’s mission is to make SIDI known, and to represent its members (the individual shareholders) to the SIDI governing bodies. By adhering to ESD (entrance fee of € 20), you attribute it the management of your shares by remaining their sole owner. 

How to subscribe?

  • The price of one SIDI share is set at € 152 (no management fees).
  • French residents can deduce part of their subsription from their taxes.
  • SIDI doesn’t distribute any dividend, the profits being reinvested in the activity.
  • Each shareholder can ask the buyback of his or her shares at any time. SIDI will strive to answer every single request in three months.



The Finansol label guarantees the solidarity and transparency of SIDI’s shares.
 For more information Please contact Céline VIDAL :