Focus on technical assistance to African rural actors

The FEFISOL fund was set up in 2011 by SIDI and its partners. In addition to its financial support, it proposes a technical assistance (TA) facility to African rural players. After conducting some 140 TA projects in Africa, SIDI and Alterfin are set to launch a second fund in 2022, with the aim of further deepening its social and environmental approach to the

Read 10 December 2021

La SIDI recrute un Comptable Général et un Chargé d’investissement et de partenariats

La SIDI propose deux offres d’emploi à pourvoir pour la rentrée 2018 :   1. Offre de poste – Comptable Général [en savoir plus]   2. Offre de poste – Chargé(e) d’investissement et de partenariats [en savoir plus]   Si vous êtes intéressé(e), envoyez un C.V.

Read 19 July 2018