SIDI, International Solidarity for Development and Investment, is a social business recognised as such by the French authorities. Created in 1983 by the French NGO CCFD-Terre Solidaire, SIDI strives to contribute to the building of a more inclusive economy, which would give poor populations from Southern and Eastern countries a chance.

Serving the financial inclusion

SIDI promotes the financial inclusion of vulnerable populations, thus turning finance into an adapted tool, by strengthening a network of local actors of economic development, such as:

  • Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) which tailor their services for populations excluded from traditional banking, especially in rural areas,
  • Producers’ Organisations (POs) working to secure and increase the small-scale farmers’ revenues
  • Promoters of community-based financing. SIDI contributes to the strengthening of its partners, and thus to the durability of their clients, by providing them with technical assistance and/or financial support.


A Solidarity finance chain


A pioneer in the field of solidarity finance in France, SIDI has been mobilizing, for almost forty years, institutions and individuals alike, who prioritize a human, social, environmental return instead of a financial one. Our technical assistance is funded thanks to the shared income of the mutual fund “Faim & Développement” ; whereas our investments are funded by our shareholders. This “Solidarity Finance Chain” is what lets us innovate, take risks and work on a long term basis towards the sustainability of our partners.





SIDI’s shares and the mutual fund “Faim & Développement” have both been approved by the Finansol label, which guarantees the solidarity and transparency of savings products, since 1997.