Social and environmental performance: an approach at the heart of the SIDI model

Social and Environmental Performance (SEP) consists of measuring how an organization – SIDI, like its partners – puts its mission into practice and achieves its social and environmental objectives in relation to its target population. It complements economic and financial performance.

PSE serves two purposes:

  • It serves as an operational management tool for the team and its governing bodies: by selecting the partners who contribute to our mission objectives, and by defining a volume and type of financing and support adapted to their needs;
  • For our stakeholders, it is a tool for accountability and advocacy, for reporting on our action and demonstrating its usefulness.

Beyond the simple collection of indicators, SIDI’s PSE guides the team’s actions at every stage of the partnership, from the selection of partners to impact assessments.

Each mission objective is thus associated with indicators that will enable us to monitor and measure our progress in relation to our objectives, and therefore to the pursuit of our mission more generally.

Over the years, we have developed recognized expertise in collecting and analyzing data on partners’ EPS. Our collection tools are based on standard tools developed by the industry, and are then adapted to the specific needs of our partners. For example, an agroecology grid has been developed to monitor and support farming partners as they adopt more sustainable practices.

This expertise gives us a real ability to analyze and cross-reference PSE data with financial data. We also systematically combine this quantitative analysis with a qualitative analysis through impact studies.

The information gathered through these various tools is aggregated each year and presented in SIDI’s social and environmental report. As part of this new strategic plan, a PSE report will also be published each year, focusing on mission objectives.

Finally, we have set ourselves the goal of providing even greater support to our partners in the field of PES, through technical assistance projects aimed at improving their PES or maximizing their impact on their beneficiaries.

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