The chain of financial solidarity at the heart of our approach

We forge partnerships, mainly in rural areas of Africa, the Middle East and Latin America, with local players in financial inclusion and agricultural value chains. We support and finance them over the long term, helping them to develop and become self-sufficient.

What makes us unique is that our actions are aimed solely at generating a positive social and environmental impact. So we don’t aim for short-term financial returns, but rather for medium- to long-term returns, without compromising our social mission.

We are thus at the heart of a veritable “chain of financial solidarity”, linking citizens who want to give meaning to their investments with partner organizations and final beneficiaries, enabling us to carry out our mission. By becoming an integral part of this chain of financial solidarity, each and every one of us can contribute, in our own way, to questioning the development models of our societies, for the benefit of a fairer, more sustainable world.

The pillars of our action


in fragile countries, poor countries, countries in crisis, particularly risky countries or countries exposed to climate change

Targeting small organizations

isolated, fragile and located in rural areas, with limited access to financing

Financing and support

our partners over the long term, with a service offering tailored to their needs

Assess and measure

their social and environmental performance, in order to define support adapted to their needs with a view to consolidating their business model on the one hand, and measuring the quality of our intervention on the other.

Ultimately, through our financing and support activities, we aim to reduce economic inequalities in developing countries through the emergence and empowerment of local economic players. We seek to combat poverty through an approach focused on the most vulnerable, especially those living in rural areas, women and young people, who represent the lifeblood of these countries and the promise of a more equitable, fairer and more united world. Finally, we are resolutely committed to building a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly world, capable of adapting to climate change.

What are our mission objectives?

Combating economic inequality

  • Contribute to the automation of financial players
  • Strengthening the local economic fabric
  • Supporting entrepreneurship
  • Generate income and business opportunities

Fighting poverty

  • Reducing inequalities between urban and rural areas
  • Reducing gender inequality
  • Supporting the emancipation of young people

Combating climate change

  • Promoting the preservation of natural resources
  • Promoting innovative models adapted to climate challenges
  • Contributing to the climate resilience of populations living in the South