Created in 1983 by CCFD-Terre Solidaire, SIDI (Solidarité Internationale pour le Développement et l’Investissement) is a solidarity investor. It supports and finances economic players in developing countries, with the aim of combating economic inequality and poverty, while meeting the challenges of climate change.
SIDI is accredited by the French government as an Entreprise Solidaire d’Utilité Sociale (ESUS). The shares in its capital have been Finansol-labeled since 1997.

Why we act

Make solidarity and patient finance a lever for sustainable transformation of our societies, to build a fairer and more environmentally-friendly world.

Our mission

To support and finance economic players in developing countries through innovative and sustainable partnerships, with a view to improving the living conditions of vulnerable populations and promoting virtuous ecological practices.

Un écosystème au service de notre mission

Si nous sommes aujourd’hui en mesure de soutenir 120 partenaires dans 35 pays, c’est parce que nous pouvons compter sur tout un écosystème au service de nos ambitions. Au cœur de celui-ci, il y a l’engagement de milliers d’actionnaires individuels qui souhaitent utiliser le pouvoir d’agir dont ils disposent avec leur argent. Ces actionnaires individuels sont majoritairement regroupés dans l’association Epargne Solidarité Développement (ESD).
En outre, le soutien financier apporté par le fonds FEFISOL et la fondation ACTES sous égide de la Fondation Terre Solidaire, nous permet de démultiplier notre action auprès de nos partenaires, à travers des financements institutionnels.
En Afrique de l’Est, la SIDI s’appuie sur sa filiale Soluti finance pour apporter le meilleur accompagnement à ses partenaires .

Our values


Working together for a fairer world is a sine qua non for progress on all fronts

For us, solidarity is based on the idea that we are all linked to each other in a community of destinies. SIDI is thus at the heart of a “chain of financial solidarity”, linking shareholders and savers to partners [aux organisations qu’elle soutient] and their beneficiaries. In this chain, each link is essential and acts at its own level, for the common good.


Sometimes it’s necessary to take action that we consider difficult

We are prepared to take risks (with fragile organizations, in dangerous areas, etc.) if and when our support brings about a real improvement in the living conditions of vulnerable populations.


Giving partnerships time to bear fruit

We work with our partners over the long term, helping them to become self-sufficient, which is the key to our lasting impact. In this context, we strive to stay close to them, even when they are going through difficult times.


Act with fairness, transparency and accountability

We are committed to maintaining equitable partner relationships that are consistent with our mission, through the co-construction of work objectives and regular dialogue. We reflect on our practices with a view to continuous improvement, and report our results transparently to all our stakeholders.