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Read the testimonials of each link in our chain of financial solidarity to find out how your money is used.

Anaïs Dufour

Partnership Manager

3 questions to Anaïs Dufour, SIDI Partnership Officer

Juliana Lucas Castro

customer of Proempresa, Peru

Juliana Lucas Castro, a retailer in Lima, has been a Proempressa customer since 2011.

Abed Al Mahdi Khamaiseh

ACAD customer, Palestine

“Now, thanks to ACAD and its partners, I can make my contribution to society. I would like to thank them warmly.”

Joséphine Ugirumurera

member of the KOPAKAMA coffee cooperative, Rwanda

Joséphine Ugirumurera testifies to the positive impact that belonging to the cooperative has had on her life.

Catherine Belin-Schulz

SIDI partnership officer (on the Nutri zaza partner)

Philippe C.

SIDI shareholder

“Money creates money!”

Marie-Madeleine C.

SIDI shareholder

“I knew about SIDI almost from the start and when I understood what it was doing, it really clicked!”

Evelyne R-D

SIDI shareholder

“I feel like I’m taking a small part in the risk that SIDI takes when it commits itself”.

Marie-Thérèse P.

SIDI shareholder