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John Ddumba- Ssentamu

Executive Chairman Centenary Group

“Our strength – Centenary Group and SIDI – is that we can count on each other”.

Geneviève Guenard

Congregation of Auxiliary Sisters

“We are all heirs to Nelson Mandela”.

Joséphine Ugirumurera

member of the KOPAKAMA coffee cooperative, Rwanda

Joséphine Ugirumurera testifies to the positive impact that belonging to the cooperative has had on her life.

Julio Flores

Managing Director, Financiera FDL

“As a shareholder of FDL, SIDI has made a decisive contribution to the capitalization of FDL.

Julio Vahatriniaina

Executive Director - Vahatra

Access to credit is a challenge, as MFIs in Madagascar do not benefit from government support.

Marie-Madeleine C.

SIDI shareholder

“I knew about SIDI almost from the start and when I understood what it was doing, it really clicked!”

Juliana Lucas Castro

customer of Proempresa, Peru

Juliana Lucas Castro, a retailer in Lima, has been a Proempressa customer since 2011.

Geovanny Cardoso

Chief Executive Officer - Banco Codesarrollo

A hug from Ecuador

Abed Al Mahdi Khamaiseh

ACAD customer, Palestine

“Now, thanks to ACAD and its partners, I can make my contribution to society. I would like to thank them warmly.”

Anaïs Dufour

Partnership Manager

3 questions to Anaïs Dufour, SIDI Partnership Officer

Amara Kourouma

General Manager - Crédit Rural de Guinée

Crédit Rural de Guinée was created to compensate for the lack of financing institutions…


Niger Federation of Vegetable Cooperatives

The Fédération des Coopératives Maraichères du Niger (FCMN NIYA) is a farmers’ organization in Niger…


General Manager, Réseau Nyèsigiso

Nyèsigiso crossed SIDI’s path in 2010 during a session of the Board of Directors of the Banque Malienne de Solidarité in 2012 in Bamako, Mali, an institution in which SIDI is a shareholder and member of the Board…

Lulzim Sadrija


SIDI has made, and continues to make, an important contribution to KRK’s mission.

Philippe Adaime

Co-founder, ceo of FTL-FTTL Group

Many thanks to SIDI. Don’t change a thing!

Jean Luckner Romulus

National coordinator, founding member - KOFIP

With this aid, the network is strengthened and services are improved and increased.

Benoit Sarraute

General Manager - SIPEM banque

“The long-term support of Sidi’s shareholders with patience and resilience is the key to SIPEM Banque’s success”.

Mohamed Attanda

Executive Director of the MAIN network

I hold an MBA in Global Studies from Southern New Hampshire University and a Bachelor’s degree in Banking and Finance from Legon University (Ghana)…

Hocine Tandjaoui

Representative of Caisse des dépôts et consignations (CDC), SIDI shareholder

the relationship between SIDI and CDC has also led to interactions and exchanges, sometimes unexpected but fruitful.

Hugo Couderé

Founder of Alterfin

SIDI and Alterfin, 25 years of cooperation

Judeh Jamal

General Manager, DAMAN

I’m Judeh Jamal, General Manager of DAMAN, an agricultural engineer with an MBA from North Western University, married with three children, living in East Jerusalem, Palestine.

Catherine Belin-Schulz

SIDI partnership officer (on the Nutri zaza partner)

Philippe C.

SIDI shareholder

“Money creates money!”

Evelyne R-D

SIDI shareholder

“I feel like I’m taking a small part in the risk that SIDI takes when it commits itself”.

Marie-Thérèse P.

SIDI shareholder