Becoming a community shareholder

SIDI is a reflection of the individuals and organizations that finance it and make its action possible: it is thanks to the involvement of all its shareholders, who are all the more demanding with regard to its social mission as they do not expect any income from SIDI, that our team of employees and consultants can act with the utmost efficiency. solidarity, boldness, perseverance and integrity with partner organizations.

By becoming a shareholder, you are making the choice to join a community that wants to become directly and sustainably involved in financing small entrepreneurs and farmers in the South and East.

Other levers for action

Save with FCP “Faim & Développement”. SIDI’s founder, CCFD-Terre Solidaire, uses the shared income from your savings to finance SIDI’s support activities, which means that these services are not billed to our partners.

By sharing your experience of what SIDI can achieve thanks to its solidarity resources, you will be helping to increase the number of SIDI supporters.

Working with us means growing a chain of financial solidarity, all the links of which contribute to enabling millions of beneficiaries to live at home, with dignity, from their own work.