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Discover SIDI’s 2023 Social and Environmental Report
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A look back at SIDI's 40th anniversary at the Cité internationale universitaire
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SIDI signs a new partnership in Colombia with Soluna Energia

Acting for a fairer world
and environmentally friendly

Give meaning to your money by becoming a shareholder of SIDI

Becoming a shareholder of SIDI

means joining a community of more than 2,000
committed shareholders and regain control
on its money, acting in favour
a model that is socially fairer and ecologically more sustainable.

It allows us to invest where others
others won’t

Thanks to our network of local partners,
we’ve been investing in developing countries for 40 years,
in difficult or at-risk rural areas, to support populations
populations excluded from conventional economic channels.
economic circuits.

It means giving life to the projects
of entrepreneurs and farmers
improve their living conditions

Partner organizations provide services
to vulnerable populations, aiming for self-reliance
and as part of an ecological and social
and social transition.


joint shareholders


years of existence


local partners
in 33 countries


of capital invested
by our shareholders

They testify

Our latest news

présentation Julio Flores AG SIDI

Testimonial at the SIDI General Meeting: resilience and social impact of Financiera FDL

This year's General Meeting was an opportunity for SIDI to invite one of its partners to testify. Julio Flores, Managing Director of Financiera FDL, came to present the activities of this microfinance institution (MFI) which operates in Nicaragua, the 2nd poorest country in Central America. The fruitful exchanges between Julio Flores and SIDI shareholders continued …

Partenariat et pse en 2023

Discover SIDI’s 2023 Social and Environmental Report

The Social and Environmental Report brings together figures and data on the social and environmental performance of SIDI and the partners it supports. Each year, it is presented to SIDI shareholders at the Annual General Meeting. Social and Environmental Performance (SEP) consists of measuring how an organization - SIDI, like its partners - puts its …

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SIDI signs a new partnership in Colombia with Soluna Energia

SIDI has concluded a strategic investment in Soluna Energia to contribute to the access of Colombian rural communities to clean and regular energy thanks to solar power. More than half of Colombia's particularly rugged territory (55%), and around 40% of the population, are not connected to the national electricity grid. Soluna is a Colombian company …