Publication of SIDI’s 2022 Social and Environmental Report

The Social and Environmental Report brings together the figures and data from SIDI’s social investment activities, as well as the results in terms of the social and environmental performance of the partners we support.

The Social and Environmental Report is the result of extensive data collection and analysis work carried out by SIDI’s Social and Environmental Performance team. It will be supplemented by a detailed report on the partners’ social, environmental and financial performance, available in September 2023.

In 2022, SIDI is pursuing its mission as a solidarity investor and demonstrating the added value of its action.

It supports 120 partners in 35 countries, mainly rural or mixed microfinance institutions and agricultural entities, most of which are certified organic and fair trade.

SIDI continues to target the most vulnerable:

  • 78% of partners are located in high-risk countries;
  • 68% of partners are located in countries with a low or medium HDI ;
  • 52% of the portfolio is dedicated to sub-Saharan Africa;
  • 66% of partners target rural areas.

It maintains as a priority the empowerment of partners in the process of consolidation:

  • 70% of MFIs supported are small (Tier 2/3)
  • Loans granted are on average 3 times lower than those granted by other investors in the sector.

SIDI’s partners adopt responsible and sustainable practices:

  • 73% of farming units are certified organic and/or fair trade;
  • 78% of MFIs have set up a system for collecting and analyzing beneficiary complaints.