Discover SIDI’s 2023 Social and Environmental Report

Partenariat et pse en 2023

The Social and Environmental Report brings together figures and data on the social and environmental performance of SIDI and the partners it supports. Each year, it is presented to SIDI shareholders at the Annual General Meeting.

Social and Environmental Performance (SEP) consists of measuring how an organization – SIDI, like its partners – puts its mission into practice and achieves its social and environmental objectives in relation to the populations it targets. It complements economic and financial performance.

SIDI’s PSE guides the team’s actions at every stage of the partnership, from partner selection to impact assessments. By 2023, we will be supporting 124 partners in 33 countries.

As part of its social mission, SIDI has set itself three main objectives:

  • Promoting economic equality
  • Promoting poverty reduction
  • Supporting the fight against climate change

These three major mission objectives are complemented by a cross-functional strategic axis: maximizing our additionality. SIDI’s additionality strategy is at the heart of its impact strategy. SIDI’s ability to create additionality with its partners is essential to generate a strong social and environmental impact.

Once again this year, SIDI is responding to this ambition through two types of action:

Intervene where other investors won’t, by targeting areas where the need for financing is greatest:

  • 62% of SIDI’s portfolio is invested in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • 68% of SIDI’s partners are located in low-HDI countries.
  • 79% of partners are located in high-risk countries.
  • 65% of partners target rural areas

Adapting our offer to the needs of our partners:

  • 35% of the portfolio in equity investments (compared with 15% for other microfinance vehicles)
  • Long-term partnerships and loan durations tailored to needs: 39 months on average for loans granted to microfinance institutions (compared with only 29 months for other microfinance vehicles).
  • Financing amounts adapted to the size of partners: SIDI in particular has the capacity to offer smaller tickets (for example, 402 k€ on average for agricultural entities when other lenders offer an average of 990 k€).
  • A comprehensive range of support services: SIDI’s partnership approach is based on the complementary nature of financing and support.


SIDI favours structures with a strong social and environmental impact, mainly rural or mixed microfinance institutions, and agricultural entities that are mainly certified organic and fair trade. Their social vision is aligned with that of SIDI. It supports them in achieving their own social and environmental objectives, which in turn contribute to SIDI’s objectives.


Find all the data compiled in Bilan Social et Environnemental 2023

Discover SIDI’s Social and Environmental Report 2022

We are pleased to share with you SIDI’s new social and environmental report, which presents the partners’ results in 2022!

This report is organized around SIDI’s mission objectives, defined this year as part of the new strategic plan.

  • Through its financing and support activities, SIDI aims to reduce economic inequalities in developing countries through the emergence and empowerment of local economic players.
  • It seeks to combat poverty through an approach focused on the most vulnerable, in particular people living in rural areas, women and young people, who are the lifeblood of these countries and the promise of a more equitable, fairer and more united world.
  • Finally, SIDI is firmly committed to building a more sustainable world that respects the environment and is capable of adapting to climate change.

The team is proud to present the results of its partners from the point of view of its mission objectives, results which are the fruit of in-depth analysis made possible by the high-performance PSE evaluation system developed by SIDI in recent years. This system makes it possible to analyze the contribution of partners to SIDI’s objectives, highlighting their progress as well as areas where there is still room for improvement.

This report is an opportunity to find out more about SIDI’s partner organizations, and to delve into an analysis of their evolution in terms of economic, social and environmental performance.

  • Discover the results of two impact studies financed by SIDI in 2022
  • Find out more about gender mainstreaming at SIDI and its partners
  • Find out more about SIDI’s commitment to environmental protection, through its promotion of agroecology and sustainable practices among its partners, as well as through the development of a new “climate” portfolio, a key focus of the new strategic plan.

Discover FEFISOL’s Social & Environmental Report 2022

The social & environmental report on the first year of activity of the FEFISOL II fund has just been published!

FEFISOL II is an investment fund dedicated to financing rural microfinance and small-scale family farming in Africa. This is the successor fund to FEFISOL I, launched on the initiative of SIDI and Alterfin for 12 years.

The team is very proud to present achievements that are fully in line with the fund’s ambitious social and environmental objectives:

  • The fund has already financed 18 partners (12 agricultural entities, 6 microfinance institutions) in 11 sub-Saharan African countries.
  • 83% of the farms financed are certified fair trade and/or organic.
  • 69% of the portfolio is invested in countries with a low HDI (Human Development Index)
  • 85% of the microfinance portfolio is dedicated to Tier 2 and Tier 3 institutions: small and medium-sized institutions with assets of less than $50 million and less than $5 million respectively.
  • 1.2 million final beneficiaries, 51% of whom are women
  • The fund is aligned with the 2X Challenge, the multilateral initiative whose aim is to deploy unprecedented volumes of capital in support of projects that empower women.

The first closing of FEFISOL II took place in May 2022 for 22.5 million euros with the founders (SIDI, Alterfin), European development agencies (BIO, EIB, Proparco) and European private players (Banque Alternative Suisse, Banca Etica Populare, Crédit Coopératif, SOS Faim Luxembourg). This closing is accompanied by a technical assistance package of 1.3 million euros from Proparco and Bio.

On the strength of these results, the FEFISOL II fund aims to close a second closing with new investors by the end of the year.

Discover the new 2022 Annual Report

Vignette RA EN 2022

The publication of the annual report is always a very important moment. In a transparent way, we present to you the actions and achievements of this year 2022. It was intense!

We remain fully committed to our mission: to support and finance economic players in developing countries, through innovative and sustainable partnerships, with a view to improving the living conditions of vulnerable populations, particularly in rural areas, and promoting virtuous ecological practices.

Publication of SIDI’s 2022 Social and Environmental Report

The Social and Environmental Report brings together the figures and data from SIDI’s social investment activities, as well as the results in terms of the social and environmental performance of the partners we support.

The Social and Environmental Report is the result of extensive data collection and analysis work carried out by SIDI’s Social and Environmental Performance team. It will be supplemented by a detailed report on the partners’ social, environmental and financial performance, available in September 2023.

In 2022, SIDI is pursuing its mission as a solidarity investor and demonstrating the added value of its action.

It supports 120 partners in 35 countries, mainly rural or mixed microfinance institutions and agricultural entities, most of which are certified organic and fair trade.

SIDI continues to target the most vulnerable:

  • 78% of partners are located in high-risk countries;
  • 68% of partners are located in countries with a low or medium HDI ;
  • 52% of the portfolio is dedicated to sub-Saharan Africa;
  • 66% of partners target rural areas.

It maintains as a priority the empowerment of partners in the process of consolidation:

  • 70% of MFIs supported are small (Tier 2/3)
  • Loans granted are on average 3 times lower than those granted by other investors in the sector.

SIDI’s partners adopt responsible and sustainable practices:

  • 73% of farming units are certified organic and/or fair trade;
  • 78% of MFIs have set up a system for collecting and analyzing beneficiary complaints.

Carnets de la SIDI, special trip to Ecuador!

This issue of Carnets is devoted entirely to the testimonies of SIDI shareholders and savers who left for Ecuador in September 2022 to meet local partners. Every two years, SIDI organizes a trip to enable people to discover first-hand what their commitment to solidarity can achieve.

To gain a better understanding of SIDI’s activities and those of its local partners, and in return to be able to bear witness to the experiences of the partners and their beneficiaries: this is the mission that our travellers set themselves.

Discover their stories in this new issue of SIDI’s Notebooks.

New issue of Carnets de la SIDI!

In this issue of Carnets, Dominique Lesaffre, Managing Director of SIDI from 2015 to 2022, gives us his personal account of his work and that of SIDI over the years. It also introduces our partner cooperative Muungano, winner of this year’s FAIR/Le Monde Grand Prix de la Finance Solidaire.

Discover SIDI’s 2021 activity report

The 2021 Activity Report is online!

The year 2021 was still very much marked by the effects of the Covid19 pandemic, but let us salute everyone’s commitment, which enabled SIDI to pursue its mission as a solidarity investor serving the financial and economic inclusion of populations excluded from conventional financial systems.

Discover the performances and achievements of SIDI and its partner organizations, all committed to ecological and social transition. Aware of the significant financing and support needs that remain, SIDI is fully mobilized to respond to the ever-increasing challenges facing the most vulnerable populations.

Let’s stick to our course and our ambition to promote socially responsible finance!





La Croix publishes its 20th Solidarity Finance Barometer

[chapeau] La Croix newspaper, in partnership with the FAIR association, has just published its 2022-2023 solidarity finance barometer, which once again highlights the excellent health of Finansol-labeled financial products, with record growth in subscriptions. The barometer also highlights several projects financed by solidarity savings, including the Tunisian microfinance institution Enda Tamweel, financed by SIDI. [/chapeau]

Solidarity finance continues its spectacular growth, with annual growth of 27%, the highest ever recorded in the 20 years of this barometer. By the end of 2021, the total amount of solidarity-labeled assets under management will have risen to 24.5 billion euros! This growth is driven by three traditional channels: subscriptions to solidarity-based companies (such as SIDI), banking products and employee savings schemes.

The barometer also details three examples of projects financed by solidarity savings, in particular the Enda Tamweel institution, which has been financed by SIDI for 10 years, first as a loan and then through an equity investment. The barometer article highlights Enda Tamweel’s key role in the fight against poverty, particularly in the context of political unrest exacerbated by recent crises (pandemics, war-related shortages in Ukraine).

Discover the 2022-2023 barometer here