Abed Al Mahdi Khamaiseh

ACAD customer, Palestine

Abed Al Mahdi Khamaiseh, 51, married with nine children.
He lost the use of one hand as a child, and was unable to be hospitalized due to the inaccessibility of hospitals during the 1973 war.
Abed worked in Israel as a security guard until the 2nd intifada in the 2000s. He then remained unemployed for a long time, desperately looking for a job opportunity. It was her encounter with ACAD that enabled her to return to work.
In 2015, thanks to a loan granted by ACAD, Abed started raising livestock, mainly chickens and goats. This new perspective gave him renewed hope, and today he is the proud owner of his breeding site and also owns a share in a sewing workshop.
Abed expresses his gratitude to ACAD, which has played an essential role in transforming his life. ” Before, I was confined to my home, but now, thanks to ACAD and its partners, I can make a contribution to society. I’d like to thank them warmly. “Abed now wants to take out a second loan to expand his herd.