Juliana Lucas Castro

customer of Proempresa, Peru

Juliana Lucas Castro, 56, shopkeeper in Lima

Juliana has been selling pet food and accessories since 2011. Thanks to loans from the microfinance institution Proempressa, she has been able to transform her professional activity. It has thus moved from informal to formal sales of pet food and accessories. She has already benefited from loans of 15,000 soles and then 50,000 soles, which have enabled her to purchase a sales station and a mini-warehouse located in a market in the Peruvian capital. The low-interest loans offered by Proempressa and the relationship of trust that the institution is able to forge with its customers have directly helped Juliana in every aspect of her life. Juliana has been able to invest in the construction of her own home and in the fitting out of a small apartment building that she can rent out for additional income. Finally, she was able to finance her children’s education. Her daughter is currently studying at university, a source of great pride for Juliana.