SIDI’s 2023 annual report is online

Couv RA SIDI 2023 fr

2023 was a very special year for SIDI: we celebrated 40 years of existence.

  • 40 years of SIDI putting finance at the service of local economic development players in developing countries
  • SIDI has been financing and supporting local economic players for 40 years, working to improve the living conditions of vulnerable populations and promote virtuous ecological practices.
  • 40 years of an innovative intervention model based on the principle of a chain of financial solidarity, linking citizens who want to give meaning to their savings, to partner organizations and their beneficiaries.

Despite the combination of multi-factorial crises, SIDI manages to carry out its mission by placing additionality at the heart of its impact strategy, and by working on three major mission objectives:

  • Promoting economic equality
  • Promoting poverty reduction
  • Supporting the fight against climate change

Let’s continue to invest in a just transition.