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Production bio de patate douce village de seno tillabery juillet 2009
Champs sesame fumure organique garbey kourou juillet 2013
Site agroforesterie yoreize koira octobre 2013
Productrices de semences paysannes de gombo de koulikoira, gothèye sept 2013
Partner description

FCMN is a national federation of cooperatives of market garden producers (potatoes, onions, sesame) spread over the southern half of the country. It groups together more than 40,000 growers and mainly supplies potato seed on credit to members, as well as warrantage services for potatoes and onions for consumption.

Country and/or business sector context

In addition to the above-mentioned aspects of the country, agriculture is essentially concentrated in the southern strip of the country, which is mainly rain-fed for market gardening, while rice is grown under irrigation along the River Niger. Every year, the country faces increasing climatic instability, with periods of drought alternating with periods of heavy flooding, as in 2021.

Partner impact

The FCMN’s scope is very broad, and as such it carries a great deal of weight on the national scene in terms of agricultural advocacy. In addition to its seed financing activities, it also provides technical support to producers and lobbies the government and public funding bodies on agricultural issues.