SIDI information – Covid-19 pandemic situation

[chapeau]The covid-19 pandemic led to the implementation of total containment in France on Tuesday March 17, 2020. SIDI has closed its premises at 12, rue Guy de la Brosse in Paris, and the entire team is now working from home.[/chapeau]

Since the implementation of containment, mail cannot be collected on a daily basis, and some of SIDI’s activities, notably the processing of share movement requests (subscriptions, withdrawals and donations), are slowed down for technical reasons until the end of the containment period.

The SIDI team continues to work remotely and can be reached by e-mail. If you have any questions, you can contact SIDI via the contact form and the address

SIDI would like to assure you that the shareholder trip planned for Ecuador will indeed take place, but cannot yet comment on the dates until clearer information on the evolution of the pandemic and travel possibilities is known. Consequently, the dates and deadlines communicated in the letter of invitation to the trip sent in February 2020 have been revised. The processing of pre-registrations for the trip and the final response to these requests are suspended until further notice.

Despite the suspension of its field missions, SIDI continues to provide remote support to its partners, who are also confronted with the health situation we are experiencing in France. Our partners will keep you informed of the effects of the pandemic in subsequent messages.

SIDI sends a message of support and courage at this difficult time, and hopes that everyone was able to organize these weeks of confinement in the best possible conditions.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones,

Dominique LESAFFRE,

Managing Director of SIDI