ACEP Niger

Financial inclusion
SIDI capital financing
Partner description

Despite its small size, this MFI is by far the country’s leading MFI after the setbacks experienced by local MFIs in recent years. ACEP Niger finances only urban SMEs with individual loans. They are mainly present in Niamey, Maradi and Tahoua.

Country and/or business sector context

This country, one of the least developed in the world, is beset by difficulties and constraints: geographical isolation, a semi-desert climate, a demographic explosion, endemic poverty and a low level of education. However, it is now more stable than its neighbours from a political and security point of view, and as such is particularly well supported by development aid, which represents a fairly colossal financial volume in proportion to the state budget and GDP.

Partner impact

Although its reach is limited (around 4,000 borrowers), it has had a significant impact on Nigerien entrepreneurs in trade and services. The MFI is also starting to develop in agriculture and food, although mainly in the downstream sector. The potential is enormous, with few competitors.