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Partner description

ASALA Company for Credit and Development is a Palestinian company that strives to support and empower women and young people by providing them with appropriate financial services to create and develop productive projects. Created by the NGO ASALA, which has a recognized trajectory of supporting women’s group development initiatives, the micro-finance program became autonomous from the NGO in 2014.

Country and/or business sector context

Palestine (territories under Israeli occupation since 1967) is a territory divided and fragmented by the growing presence of illegal Israeli settlements (according to international law) where the Palestinian state controls only 18% of the surface area (as provided for in the Oslo agreements). The failure to resolve the Palestinian question is hampering the development and security of the region (due to the conflict between Israel and certain Arab countries) and making it a less than autonomous and non-viable entity (without international aid). The Palestinian state itself is divided between Gaza and the West Bank, with authoritarian political institutions fighting for Palestinian leadership over Israel.

Partner impact

Through its “women” focus, ASALA aims to strengthen the active and fruitful participation of Palestinian women through economic activity. Its partnership with the NGO provides an effective combination of financial and social services for women entrepreneurs in Palestine.