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Partner description

Grassland is a small company whose aim is to market corn in Cameroon. Based on contract farming, Grassland offers an input loan to be repaid in grain, and undertakes to buy the corn in order to package it and sell it to industrial processors in Yaoundé.

Country and/or business sector context

Cameroon has been ruled for over 40 years by Paul Biya (who is over 90). The country has to deal with conflicts in the north (Boko Haram zone) and in the north-west (latent civil war following the refusal of the English-speaking regions to become autonomous). Nonetheless, it remains the largest economy in the Central African region, with a very dynamic informal sector and a climate conducive to agriculture.

Partner impact

Grassland supports each of these producers through a network of local technicians who advise and supervise the programme. The price paid by Grassland is 20% higher than the market price, provided that the production specifications are respected (humidity, aflatoxin, etc.). This is one of the few SIDI partners to work with a local production and marketing network.