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Partner description

This MFI, based in Goma and also operating in Bukavu and Kalemie, is still small in size but particularly efficient and fast-growing. It mainly targets women entrepreneurs, notably through group loans, in urban areas only, given the risk and informal nature of agriculture.

Country and/or business sector context

Africa’s largest country, the DRC is rich in resources of all kinds (mining, agriculture, soil and climate) and has great potential for development, but its level of governance is particularly weak and corruption is very high. In the Kivus, insecurity has reigned for 3 decades and has been on the rise again since the beginning of 2022. This is having a major impact on activities in Goma in particular.

Partner impact

It is very high among women traders in Goma and Bukavu, and HEKIMA’s reputation is excellent overall. Its well-established Christian values give legitimacy to its activities and enable it to develop rapidly in the SME/individual segment, thereby balancing its portfolio. Ongoing work on digitalisation and cooperation with a SIDI partner coffee cooperative (MUUNGANO) are further examples of their ability to innovate and maximise impact.