Ishaka microfinance

Ishaka microfinance
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Partner description

Ishaka is a Microfinance Institution (MFI) whose main activity is to collect savings and offer credit services mainly to customers in rural areas. Its approach includes solidarity guarantee groups, which are the basic tool for providing access to financial services for the most disadvantaged, particularly in rural areas.

Country and/or business sector context

“Burundi is a small, landlocked country (27,834km²) with a high population density (around 10.5 million inhabitants and 403 inhabitants/km²). Agriculture employs 90% of the population and contributes 50% to the national GDP. Arable land is becoming increasingly scarce. As a result, poverty is predominantly rural (71.1%) and mainly affects small farmers.
Most of the country’s agricultural production of rice, manioc and maize is self-consumed. Overall, it is estimated that agriculture contributes 95% of Burundi’s food supply. Imports cover part of the needs of urban areas in particular. The Burundi market is dominated by processed products from the EAC (East African Community) and elsewhere.
The provinces of Ishaka, Bururi, Rumonge and Makamba are essentially agricultural.

Partner impact

ISHAKA facilitates access to financial services for part of the rural population in Burundi’s southern provinces and in the economic capital (Bujumbura) for almost 3,500 borrowers and 18,000 savers.