Financial inclusion
SIDI loan financing
Partner description

Union des Baoré Tradition d’Épargne et de Crédit (UBTEC) is a savings and credit union offering financial services to combat poverty and vulnerability among rural populations in Burkina Faso. Founded by a Burkinabè farmers’ organization in 1990, the institution has strong agricultural roots. As its slogan (“The bank for farmers on farmers’ terms”) illustrates, the institution understands the realities and needs of the farming world, and strives to meet them with a tailored offering.

Country and/or business sector context

Burkina Faso is heavily dependent on agriculture, which employs almost 80% of the working population. However, the sector has been severely affected by a number of crises (security and climatic tensions), which have taken their toll on the country and increased the vulnerability of small-scale producers in particular.

Partner impact

By offering its services mainly to farmers, UBTEC is targeting a particularly vulnerable population that is often excluded from conventional financing systems. UBTEC also promotes agro-ecology and encourages farmers to adopt sustainable agricultural practices, through training and green finance products to strengthen their resilience in the face of climate disruption.