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Partner description

Biotan is a 100% Austrian-owned organic cashew processing SME (shareholders and CEO), but one of the most successful in Tanzania’s organic sector, with a well-established, profitable (+5% premium over national auction prices) and traceable purchasing system. Its supply and geolocation system is one of the most efficient in the African cashew sector.

Country and/or business sector context

Tanzania is full of assets (agriculture, tourism, strategic position, mining) and is fairly stable politically, although there was a somewhat dictatorial interlude with Magufuli, who died in 2021. However, the country suffers from a very poor reputation among investors, particularly in microfinance, because the level of corruption and dishonesty in business and all parts of society is enormous. It is in this context that SIDI has decided to launch a new partnership in 2020 with a structure managed by foreigners, in order to reduce the risks, while being very demanding on the M&E dimension.

Partner impact

BIOTAN’s impact is multi-faceted: socio-economic, with a remunerative price; ecological, with 100% organic production and the development of agro-ecological practices; long-term commitment on the part of producers; gradual diversification of activities, particularly cashew by-products and even poultry farming. The selling prices of almonds are also high.